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Neon Nail Polish Is In July 13, 2008

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Can you believe it? And I thought I was a loser for having neon pink nail polish. Now I’m glad that I was too lazy to throw it out ’cause it’s this summer’s new trend.

Why do I feel like this is gonna be a trend that we’ll all regret someday? But hey, you can’t go wrong with pink.


Upcoming Movie: My Sassy Girl April 1, 2008

onesheet_sassy-1.jpgAbove is the trailer for the upcoming 2008 romantic-comedy, My Sassy Girl. It is about a man who meets a drunk girl in the subway and winds up falling in love with her. The quirk about the girl is that she’s a tad crazy and always manages to hurt him or get him in a bit of trouble. It stars Jesse Bradford (from Swimfan) and Elisha Cuthbert (from The Girl Next Door).

For all you newbies, the movie is actually based on the 2001 South Korean film of the same title. And that film was based on a series of blog entries written by a boy about his crazy experiences with a girl. It stars the well-loved Jun Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun. This is actually the second time a Jun Ji Hyun film has been remade. (Il Mare was remade into The Lake House…check them out!) Known for its sweet humor and touching love story, it is one of the most internationally known S.Korean films. Check out a subtitled trailer of the original movie: (more…)