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Reply to candychu June 4, 2008

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In my last post about Oscar Siu, candychu commented:


Actually, Oscar used to be part of a Duo called Bliss. I can’t rmbr the other guy’s name but I remember they both wrote some of their songs + lyrics. I felt sorry for the other dude when Oscar came out as a solo artist coz he just kinda disappeared XDD

I’m not rly updated with Cpop these days – only with the artists I’ve fangirled since forever (e.g Janice, Justin, Kenny, etc). Namely because it annoyed me that people can become singers if they look good? And what is up with those female bands? Like Hotcha and Freeze? Ugh. So I stopped caring about them hahaha.


Hmm, so I thought it’d be interesting to ask my friend more info on Oscar.  He told me that the members of Bliss had a mutual separation because they had different ideas and wanted to pursue them.  Despite that, neither of them are very famous today. But yeah, Oscar is actually pretty good at music.


And yeah, I’m really not that into Cantonese pop mainly because the new generation is a joke.  I only like the old generation of singers and actors like Beyond, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Faye Wong, Anita Mui, etc.  These days, it’s way too easy for talentless people to get into the industry.


Anyways, I’ve been massively busy lately. I think I may go on a short hiatus. See you guys later!


Reply to playmeagain and candychu May 21, 2008

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First of all, I want to thank candychu for all her comments on my blog. Lately, I’ve only had time to quickly type down whatever I was thinking and then go back to work, but candychu frequently comes back even though I haven’t taken time to visit her blog. So many thanks!


Second of all, thanks for the complements about my eyes. 🙂


Anyways, my last post was about using Vaseline, the multipurpose miracle cream, to easily give your eyelashes a long lasting and beautiful curl.


candychu asked: do you “heat” up your eyelash curler by blow-drying it before using, or what?

I did heat before I discovered the miracle of Vaseline because it’s a tad easier. Even if I did that, the curl was difficult to make and difficult to maintain. I suppose my curlers don’t fit my eye too well because I seemed to have so many probs with curling my lashes before. 

BUT with Vaseline, it’s actually a lot easier for me to curl my lashes. So now, I don’t heat my curler. It takes me a lot less time to curl my lashes with the Vaseline and it holds all day. Plus, the Vaseline give your lashes a nice glossy look. It’s pretty nice. Today, I just curl my lashes real fast to open up my eyes a bit and went out. No mascara. It’s been 12 hours, and my lashes are still pretty.

So even a quick application of Vaseline can perk up your “lazy eyelashes” candychu. Just remember to gradually move your curler when you curl. I don’t know if you know that already. Most people say that you should start at the roots and move out but I do the opposite – it seems to work for me. Just do what feels best for those lashes.


playmeagain said:

But yes, I LOVE VASELINE. Actually, I find it works the best for dry lips – much better than the more renowned “Burt’s Bees”. And it’s a GREAT makeup remover (not that I wear makeup that often. It’s such a hassle).

And haha, I’m totally guilty for not changing my mascara every three months, too – mainly because I use it so sparsely that I find it wasteful to keep replacing it. As a result, I use the same mascara for at least a year, which is TERRIBLE, but I could care less. XD


You know, I’ve always wanted to try Burt’s Bees because it’s so popular. It’s so pricey though, so I’ve never gotten the courage to buy it. I guess I won’t now that I know the power of Vaseline.

And yeah, that’s the same reason I don’t replace my mascara. I don’t wear makeup everyday. I only wear makeup when my eyes are tired, puffy, and in need of opening. It is more sanitary to replace your mascara though. I suppose, you might want to clean up your eyes before you apply mascara or any makeup. Maybe then it’ll be a little more cleaner. I mean, it’s not going to be wonderfully clean, but if you get dirt off your eyes, there won’t be much dirt going onto the mascara brush to build up later.


Well, I’m gonna sleep now. I have a super amount of work to do tomorrow. I’ll be back soon, I hope.


Reply to Sara part 2 May 16, 2008

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In reply to my reply to her she says:


I just said thanks for calling ELFs insane because I am one. Calling more than 10 million people (official and unofficial, hight percentage of ELFs are unofficial like me) insane don’t you think thats a little bit too harsh. BTW, SuJu fans are all over the world so not all of them can be criticized as being the same. I said that because I am from UK and I’m neither Korean or Chinese so I don’t know who Leehom is or se7en.
BTW, I didn’t know my comment was that important. Thanks by the way for making that list.


Sorry if you’re offended. But for the thousandth time, this isn’t an unbiased blog to provide news and whatnot. This blog is opinionated, so what do you expect? I write to satisfy my own needs to give my opinions. So I’m not going to sugar-coat my words to make other people happy. So yes, your comments are important because they’re your opinions and if I have something to say in response, I will say it.


If you read my entry, you would know that, although I didn’t specify any nationalities or ethnicities, I don’t completely generalize every fan. I have met some that are down-to-Earth and have their priorities in order. But I do believe that many of them these days need to get lives. I have met many people who get sucked into fandom, and I’m sure that if it weren’t for location restraints, they would be just as horrifically obsessed as any fan on the other side of the globe. I’m not saying they’re bad people either, they just need to mature and get their lives in order.


And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know Leehom or SE7EN. (Although, you should because their music is wonderful but David Tao is my hero for life.) I’m using them as examples because their fans are older and, in my opinion, better conducted. I mean, not all of them are angels, but they’ve behaved a lot more nicely than fans these days. Basically, I’m comparing the old to the new and seeing it as declining maturity in people as time moves on, which I see in many aspects of life but I’m focusing on this one. And I’m not just centering it on ELFs, but they have gotten out of hand quite a number of times which makes them fine specimens for this argument.


Well, I’m not saying that you can’t comment back because your opinions are your opinions and mine are mine. Go ahead. But you can’t expect me to be nice just because you think I’m “too harsh.” The world doesn’t work that way. You’re lucky Chenzi doesn’t write here much, she’s brutal but I think she’s almost one of those “insane” fans (if she wasn’t such a cheapskate lol).


Please do comment if you have more opinions. That’s not sarcasm, either. I don’t do sarcasm.


Reply to sara May 15, 2008

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sara commented my most recent topic about Leehom and Zhou Mi:


Thanks about the compliment of being insane.


And my reply is, no problem.


Frankly, I think they are insane. The majority at least. And if you can acknowledge that, then good. If you’re in denial, keep reading. (more…)


Reply to Keir May 12, 2008

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Keir left this comment under my entry “Linking to Hong Dou”:


Sounds like someone I know here in China. I went to check out the site that’s linking to you guys but it’s a music download site and requires a membership to access. How did you manage to see your writing on that site?


I only saw a sample credited to another name and linked to my blog. And if you’re concerned that I’m a member of that website, I’m not. I don’t join suspicious websites. I only know that they linked to me because my dashboard says so. But really, what are your intentions of asking me that?


Reply: To “whatever” April 24, 2008

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In response to my really bad translation of Super Junior M’s U, “whatever” said:


just to tell u, u can’t translate word by word in chinese, therefore the phrases with possessives it’s not possessives it’s just that u translated word by word thats y it sounds like that but in chinese it doesn’t.


If you’re so smart, why don’t YOU try translating it?

Lol I’m kidding. It’s alright to criticize me.


Anyways, that’s why I wrote a disclaimer. Mandarin’s my third language. It’s barely a receptive language for me. Next to that, I can’t understand what I read. I just…read. Usually I read it out loud for Chenzi, and she tells me what it means. 


If “U” was sung in colloquial HK Cantonese, maybe I would understand it better. Mandarin and colloquial HK Cantonese just don’t always use the same words. Even really good Cantonese pop doesn’t use colloquial speech, so I have a hard time understanding Canto pop. It’s a curse, really.


I’d also like to add. I only used my dictionary for words that I didn’t know. So that monstrosity of a translation was mostly from my head. I’m not one to rely on a dictionary.


But yeah, I admit. I fail at grammar. I hated French class because of grammar. And my Chinese teachers never bothered to teach me grammar. They just made me learn useless vocabulary words like “zi sha” or “yi zhi xiong.” As if I’m gonna need to use the words “suicide” or “bear” when I speak to the very few Chinese people in my community. They didn’t start teaching me practical phrases like “what’s your name?” or “how old are you?” until my last year of Chinese school.


My point is…maybe you should’ve left a real name. I don’t bite…unless your comment is really ridiculous.


Actually, my real point was to explain why my translation really sucked. I understand how Chinese works, but it’s not that easy when I have to actually do the work myself. Any second/third/fourth/tenth language people can understand, I’m sure. I guess that’s why it’s called a receptive language…hmm.


I’d like to thank the Angela and Christine for helping me with the translations. I wish I could reply to you two in a different way but I don’t know how.


Reply: To Patti April 1, 2008

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On my Music Recommendation: Mayday entry, Patti left a comment saying:

Hey! Stumbled across your page looking for Mayday and Jones Shi lyrics, saw your reviews of them, and fell in love with your site. )

Dear Patti,

Thanks for your sweet words. I’m glad you enjoyed reading our blog.

About those lyrics. If you haven’t found them yet, may I recommend some sites? I don’t know whether you’re looking for pinyin or Chinese characters but here it goes.

For Mayday lyrics, you can try this website: http://www.maydaymayday.net/media_lyrics.htm

I love this website because when you click on the black title, it gives you Chinese characters. When you click on the red (Mandarin) or blue (Taiwanese) characters next to the titles, it gives you romanized lyrics. Just a warning, I actually checked it a couple minutes ago to make sure that it still works, and it’s awfully slow for some reason. I hope it’s just a temporary thing. Usually it’s fairly quick. Also refer to my entry about Mayday for a translation website if you’re not literate in Chinese. It’s a lot of fun to read.

For Jones Shi lyrics, this website has Chinese characters: http://jones.disorder-suite.net/

If you’re hoping to sing along but you can’t read, here’s a website I LOVE to use for converting Chinese characters to pinyin: http://www.kawa.net/works/cantonese/canton.cgi/canton.cgi

There are definitely other converters out there but I prefer this one because I can use it to convert Chinese characters to Cantonese jyutping too. Just change the buttons at the bottom. And if you copy and paste the results to Microsoft Word (or something like it), it doesn’t look quite as messy.

That’s just my contribution. I hope it helps if you haven’t had any luck yet.

Miss Chiu