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Releases: One World One Dream by Leehom Wang April 30, 2008

Check out this lovely demo for Leehom’s new Olympic-inspired song, One World One Dream:



When Leehom really puts his heart into a song, out comes a masterpiece, and I think this is one. It’s quite reminiscent of his past works and collaborations such as Hand in Hand, which is also a wonderful song. Don’t mistake it for the song Han Geng and Zhang Li Yin performed together. No. Leehom and David Tao collabed during the SARs epidemic to write a song that brings people together. So I see quite a similarity in concept to this new song. He wants to unite the world in song as the Olympics unites the world in sport. It’s a really pretty song. I hope you guys enjoy it.


What I really love about this song is that the melody isn’t hard to remember. Some songs are hard to pick up on. I listened to this once and I could sing along right after that. I think that’s really important for a song like this.


Now my Chinese isn’t perfect, as you guys know. So I’m also really glad that he used some English. That way, I knew his concept. I think his voice is really sexy in English, too.


Video Credit: musicforeverlove @ YouTube


Releases: Itazura na Kiss the Anime April 13, 2008

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Based on a manga by Tada Kaoru, Itazura na Kiss tells the story about a blooming romance between a sweet, oblivious high school girl and a handsome, popular genius. The story moves through their high school days, college, and marriage, and how their relationship strengthens as the years progress. The manga was never completed due to the sudden death of Tada-san. Since then, her manga has been developed into two dramas and, finally, one anime.

The anime’s actually been out for a couple weeks. I think it’s pretty good. Of course, I don’t understand much Japanese but from watching the Taiwanese drama, I basically know what’s going on.

Compared to the drama (I’ve never read the manga, I wish I could though), it moves a lot faster because they have to cram the plot into 25-30 minute periods rather than 45-50 minute periods. That’s understandable. I don’t exactly get the same vibes from the characters, though. Like, Kotoko’s family doesn’t seem as poor as in the drama. And Naoki’s mother isn’t initially as vibrant and enthusiastic as Jiang Mama (which I really loved) but she you know she has it in her.

However, I like this version so far. The opening theme is awesome. And it’s cute, just like any other shoujo anime. I think I may watch it even though I’ve seen the drama.

Picture Credit: animenewsnetwork.com


Releases: Super Junior M April 7, 2008

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Until the music video for their version of U comes out on YouTube, watch it here or here.

And refer to this Soompi post for a little info on their upcoming album!

Here is also an extra promo video released right before the music video. Way to push Ryeowook out of the way Kyuhyun! xD Great slice of humor right in the middle of something really dramatic.

About the music video, I’m still catching my breath, and gosh, I think I’m sweating for the first time in my life. Honestly, this is the best I’ve ever seen Super Junior do. Yeah, kill me, but that’s my opinion. I was really nervous about how Henry was going to do because, before this, the only thing I ever heard come out of his mouth was “Chua.” But holy f&$#, his voice is hot! You know, I may actually consider buying their album and writing a music recommendation entry for them.

Other things I LOVED were:
Donghae’s rap IN CHINESE…propz Donghae!!
Han Geng’s dance solo…sexy.
Henry’s violin solo…nice nice nice.
The hip thrusting…who doesn’t love that?

Oh gosh. I’m at the brink of an orgasm…haha!

Picture Credit: http://sj-msmtown.blog.sohu.com/