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14 Types of People That I Hate April 13, 2008

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1. Fakers. This is probably a really general term. One meaning for it may be someone who just wants to get ahead. Ayn Rand might call them second-handers because they don’t follow their own points of views thinking that they’ll get what they want in society. Another may be the one I had to deal with. Here’s my story: There’s this guy that’s really nice to me around select people or by ourselves. But when he’s with a larger crowd, he ignores me. I wound up having to sit alone at a school concert because he didn’t acknowledge me as his friend in front of his possey. I didn’t care. I’m a loner. I’m honestly not afraid of sitting alone. But the fact that I looked completely pathetic in front of his friends really pissed me off. If you don’t like me, don’t be nice to me because I don’t like you either.

2. Wannabes. Be who you truly are, because most likely, you really suck at being who you’re trying to be.

3. Users. I do a lot of favors for people, but people always have a problem with helping me out. I’m really too nice that people take advantage of me. It’s really annoying. There are reasons when they can’t, and I understand that. For example, I always drive a friend to parties but he never does that for me. Why? His parents are assholes, and they hate all his friends. Things like, “Hey I’ll drive you home if you want. I’ll call you later to tell you where my car is,” but never getting that call really pisses me off. Yeah, that happened to me the other night. I always give that guy my icecream, and I let him rub his stinky feet all over my carpet when he doesn’t feel like going home, but he can’t do ONE favor for me.

4. Stupid people that talk too much. If you have nothing intelligent to say, then just shut up. The end.

5. Know-it-alls. I contributed something at the Super Junior M Soompi thread. In return, I only to got one thank you and one accusation, which really had nothing to do with what I wrote. Intentions might have been good but I was annoyed (and my week has already been really bad). I didn’t hesitate to attack that person. So, you don’t want to mess with Miss Chiu. She’s nice, but if you piss her off, prepare to get your @$$ kicked. I may put myself off as a know-it-all. I actually do my research, read things word for word, and try to be as accurate with what I say as possible, but I have no problem with people arguing against me so long as it’s not stupid. Please feel free to do so. But if you’re a #4, I’ll have to educate you a bit.

6. Perverts. People who can’t spend a moment without thinking or talking about sex. People who associate every object known to man to genitals, breasts, or sex. They need to get a life or a prostitute. Take your filth elsewhere.

7. Obnoxious jerks. That’s another general term. When I say that, I mean, people who cannot say anything without it sounded remotely obnoxious. Next to that, they can’t say anything nice nor can they shut up. If there’s a fat person, they’ll make some snide remark at an attempt to make everybody laugh. It’s not funny.

8. Quiet people. Well, I don’t exactly hate them. I’m quiet and shy. But if I have something to say, I will say it. Some people just don’t say anything or they don’t talk loud enough. I do have a couple friends like that. I love them dearly, but I wish they would speak up.

9. Egocentrics. They think the world revolves around them and/or they think everybody around them aren’t as good as they are. I hope reality gives them all a hard slap in the face someday.

10. Girls who wear night-makeup during the day. Smokey eyes and/or thickly colored eyeshadow, in my opinion, are for night time, formals, or photoshoots. There’s this girl in my school, a lowerclassmen, who puts on a thick, black smokey eye look everyday. She’s a pretty girl and it’s a pretty look. At first, I thought “pretty cool.” As the days passed, she looked more and more like a hooker, and then I realized that style doesn’t work for that time of day. A little makeup tip: During the day, you want to look fresh and awake. So do things to open your eyes and lighten your face. Nighttime is when you want to go for a darker, heavier look.

11. Overanalyzers. I get this a lot from fangirls. The wrinkle of the brow makes them think their favorite celebrity is upset about some kind of happening with their coworkers, fans, or whatever. Maybe his face is just itchy. You don’t have to worry so much. If he is upset, it’s of nobody’s concern but his. This goes for everyday life too. The biggest mistake someone can do in a romantic relationship is overanalyze. Life is never THAT complicated. Thinking too hard makes life suck.

12. Hardcore fangirls/boys. Mostly because they hate each other and they fit in category #11. They bicker about stupid crap having to do with their favorite celebrity. And they try to know everything and they look at every single detail of news articles, photos, and blog entries. Then they condemn people who don’t seem to know a lot when they think they know it all. Maybe you should go open a book or a newspaper and nourish your mind rather than worry about such trivial things.

13. People who can’t get a clue. It’s like Ackley from Catcher in the Rye. Someone who you don’t want to openly push away but he can’t take the hints you throw at him. I’m sure everybody’s faced people like this before, and maybe even possibly have been that person. If you are that person, take the hint. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

14. Failures at reading comprehension. I’ll connect this to my argument on the Super Junior M Soompi Thread. The person didn’t understand what I wrote, and gave irrelevent replies. That’s annoying. I get into arguments online sometimes because people have a hard time understanding me despite my bluntness. Go back to English class and learn a thing or two on reading comprehension.

The bickering between me and the person mentioned in #5 and #14 has been settled. That person changed the reply to clarify that the reply wasn’t directed towards what I wrote but rather a thought that came up when reading my post. So thanks.


ABCs April 12, 2008

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I’m specifically talking about ABCs (American-born Chinese) here but I’m also defending other varieties of overseas-born kids who can’t speak their mother tongue or can’t grasp their own culture, because it really isn’t their faults nor is it their parents’ faults. Despite that, a ton of dumbasses ask us “Why can’t you speak?” Or know-it-all ABCs who are lucky enough to have their Chinese nurtured say “There’s no excuse for not being able to speak. Something went wrong.” There are plenty valid excuses. Allow me to rub them in your faces: (more…)


Life is too short April 9, 2008

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Last night, a friend of mine lost his father. I found out this morning, and I was shocked. Not so much shocked that his father passed on because I knew that he suffered from cancer. But more because it happened to my friend, the kindest person anyone could ever meet. He never wrongs people. He is always happy and willing to be by your side whenever you want him to be or even when you don’t ask for it. Next to that, he has a kid sister who’s just as wonderful. I’m gradually starting to realize how unjust nature is since it tookso much away from people who are the least deserving of it.

I come from a suicidal town, so death, unfortunately, kind of hovers over us constantly. But never once has it affected my friends like so. After finding out about his father’s death, I saw how easily death can get to us and how little time we have. It’s like when you’re a child crying at the realization that death exists (I actually don’t know how that feels, but I know a lot of people do). It makes you feel kind of sick, right?

I look at my friend – kind and optimistic – and I compare myself to him. I’m not nice to my parents. I’m spoiled. I’m ill-tempered. I have great parents and a great life, and I don’t deserve it as much as he does. I feel like the heavens keep sending awful things to make me change my attitude. I always reflect over them, but I never really change. But now that death has hit closer to home, I think I should take the chance to change. Life is too short for procrastination. Do what you need to do, and say what you need to say. You may be the kindest person in the world, but you might not be too lucky.

My deepest condolences to my friend. Don’t remember his death, but rather, the life he lived. Stay strong.


Traditional Chinese vs. Simplified Chinese April 6, 2008

Yesterday, I made a Sohu blog. I don’t know if that’s wrong, but I did it for fun. Why? I saw all these Only13 comments on the SJM blog (even on Han Geng’s entry…wtf?) so I just wanted to leave a little happy nonsense on their comment box to lighten things up.

In my last entry, when I meant that I expected Henry to be a “fellow traditional writer,” yes I meant fantizi/traditional Chinese writing. I’m a traditional Chinese writer and since Henry’s family is from Taiwan and Hong Kong? (his last name is Cantonese), I expected him to be in the same boat as me. But considering that he studied Chinese in Korea or China?, it probably makes sense that he would learn Simplified (it’s faster and not dying like fantizi is). Then again, Siwon writes in fantizi…which baffles me.

Going back to Sohu, it took me a good half hour filling out whatever I could read and then using the translator on dictionary.com to fill out the rest. I learned something from that though – you CAN learn Chinese from watching Chinese tv and listening to Chinese music, and Chinese school DOES help. So all you kids griping about Chinese school, stay in school. It gave me the more than enough basics to help me develop my Chinese independently.

I’m going to give a lecture about my take on education of the two different Chinese writing styles…so stop reading if you’re not interested… (more…)


How to be a good netizen March 21, 2008

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When leaving a rude comment online, have you ever thought about the person who’s bound to read it? Did you ever think that it would offend them?

I know that the internet should never be taken seriously but since modern times have made it a regular part of our routines, most people out there take it seriously. If people can solve murders, ruin companies, and start sex scandals on the internet, then you can sure as hell offend someone and even go as extreme as driving them into depression.

I’m just saying, because people keep pissing me off left and right. I try to stay courteous. There are some cases where people ask a simple question and people, instead of briefly answering, flame him or her for being “stupid.” And others where people get angry for poor reasons and leave rude comments. I can’t help but forget my manners and teach them a good lesson.

Just conduct yourself as you would anywhere else in the world besides in front of a computer. The internet is a powerful thing. Don’t underestimate it.


Unwastefulness = OCD? March 19, 2008

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Two days ago, I was walking around the city with my dear friend Chenzi when we passed by a trashbin with a perfectly unharmed cigarette box on top. She took the box and shook it. First I thought, “Sh-t, that’s filthy.” Then I said, “What the hell are you doing?” She said “When I see a perfect box like that, I have to shake it to see if there’s anything left behind.” So I asked her, “If there was something in there, what were you going to do? Smoke it?” I was surprised to hear, “Why not?”

Now I’m sorry that I have to say this on a blog that Chenzi also writes on but…What the f-ck?

When I first met Chenzi, I soon figured that she didn’t like to waste. Ten dollars is too much for a shirt for her. I’m not a big eater but she forces me to finish my food or else she’ll eat it herself. She’ll lick my bowl clean if I don’t eat every morsel of food on it. If I drop food, she’ll pick it up and eat with the 5-second rule as her defense (if you’ve taken science, the 5-second rule is pure bullshit). Also, I’m not sure whether she donates her hair for the sake of people who need it or for the sake of not wasting her hair. At first, I thought it was amusing, but the cigarette incident convinces me that it’s an illness. Maybe it could qualify as an obsessive compulsive disorder. Yeah, laugh at me now Chenzi, but look at youself first.

I’m going to side-track a bit. I have nothing against smokers. I have aquaintances who smoke and my father smokes. Some smoke heavily and some smoke in moderation. They’re all good people who don’t take good care of themselves. Unfortunately, I had a huge scare when my father wound up in the hospital a couple weeks ago. I still can’t get over it. He’s been smoking since he was my age but smoking gets you after the first try. Smoking is a slow killer, and that’s why people are so optimistic about it.

Now with Chenzi’s problem, tossing a cigarette is not wastefulness. It’s good sense. They belong in the trash, not in your mouth. Next to that, you don’t know the person who left it behind. It could be some shady character looking for a stupid kid to pick it up for a shot at a cigarette. Or it could be a person with illness, and you don’t know what crap could be swarming around that box. Also, some people are different and react badly to the first try. You don’t know if your body works that way. So would you rather waste a mere 50 cents on a cigarette or your body and hundreds of dollars to treat the after-effects? If you don’t have health insurance, the bill won’t be pretty.

Being wasteful, I agree, is leaving your plate unfinished. It’s spending your money on superficial indulgences. But it’s, by no means, dropping food and abandoning your cigarettes. Eating that dirty food or smoking that unwanted cigarette to make good use of the money spent on getting them is a danger to your health which would cost you more than the 50 cents it took to buy them.

If you’re like Chenzi, fix your problem. What you’re doing isn’t good for you or anybody else. It’s pretty much an OCD at that point.


My piano test… March 16, 2008

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I took my piano test yesterday. I haven’t taken it in two years so they reformatted it a bit.

Basically, I walked into the building where my test was taking place and I signed in at the front desk.  I think it’s this really musically oriented church because most of the rooms are for music but they have books about G-d in the waiting room.  Then I waited in the waiting room until they called me.

When they called me, it was just like the JYP auditions. They called me out of the waiting room and made me wait outside the room until the next person was done.

Anyways, they called me in and the two judges were nice this time. They said “hello” and “thank you” after I played. I played a D flat scale, Rhapsody by Rocherolle, and Prelude XXI in B Flat by Bach. I totally messed up on my scale..’cause I just straight out suck at scales. Plus, I was really nervous because I haven’t taken a test in two years. Rhapsody started out really badly, and when I mess up, I get nervous and continue to mess up. But here’s a great tip: When you mess up, keep going. You’ll feel like you’re in a rut but just go to the next part you remember and it will be OK. Your audience will prefer that over hearing you struggle to remember your notes.

Well then I played Bach’s piece and it went pretty well. I know I made mistakes but I don’t remember where..that’s a good sign I guess. I assume that if I can’t remember where I messed up, then the judges didn’t notice it much either.

I hope you guys got something from this entry. Have a nice day.