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Movie Review: WALL-E July 3, 2008

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Yeah, I know, I haven’t been writing lately. But hey, it’s summer. I’d rather be running around under the sun than wasting away in front of the computer.


Today, I went out with a couple of friends to see WALL-E, which has been out for about a week. To explain the basic plot:


The story takes place in the future, and man has evacuated a heavily polluted earth and has been living in outer space for centuries. A group of robots, called WALL-E, served as cleaners on Earth but were put away upon man’s evacuation. However, one was left on, and he continued his cleaning duties ever since. This WALL-E has a vibrant personality and dreams of love. And during one of man’s missions to find a morsel of life on earth, WALL-E falls in love with a robot called EVE.


WALL-E Trailer posted by GerbilGod7 @ YouTube


Now, I don’t want to spoil anything else beyond the plot but I assure you that this movie is well worth the watch for audiences of any age. There are big handfuls of laughs and sweet moments that will surely make you smile. Next to that, the animation is wonderful, vivid, and exciting.


Personally, I’m a huge sucker for cute characters and quiet, sensitive love stories. So you know if you’re like me, WALL-E is probably the movie for you. My friend, on the other hand, thought it was too “hyped up.” I don’t know what that means but that’s just another opinion for you guys to think about. But he was impressed by the graphics.


What I really like about this movie is that the people who made it remembered that it was a love story. What do I mean by that? The main plot of this story is WALL-E’s affections and loyalty towards EVE, but the subplot is how man has ruined itself and Earth. However, to me at least, they taught us the lesson, “take care of yourself and the earth,” without trying to stuff it down our throats. They kept in mind that the robots were the main idea and gently intertwined the lesson they wanted to teach us into the plot. Bravo!


I’d say WALL-E deserves a 4.9 out of 5. Why such a weird score? Mainly because it didn’t completely impress two of my friends, and I know that it’s not the best movie. But for now, I can’t quite pinpoint what exactly is so imperfect about it. I think tonight’s movie ticket was the best $10 I’ve spent this summer. $10 for a movie ticket, can you imagine that? So expensive!


Upcoming Movie: My Sassy Girl April 1, 2008

onesheet_sassy-1.jpgAbove is the trailer for the upcoming 2008 romantic-comedy, My Sassy Girl. It is about a man who meets a drunk girl in the subway and winds up falling in love with her. The quirk about the girl is that she’s a tad crazy and always manages to hurt him or get him in a bit of trouble. It stars Jesse Bradford (from Swimfan) and Elisha Cuthbert (from The Girl Next Door).

For all you newbies, the movie is actually based on the 2001 South Korean film of the same title. And that film was based on a series of blog entries written by a boy about his crazy experiences with a girl. It stars the well-loved Jun Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun. This is actually the second time a Jun Ji Hyun film has been remade. (Il Mare was remade into The Lake House…check them out!) Known for its sweet humor and touching love story, it is one of the most internationally known S.Korean films. Check out a subtitled trailer of the original movie: (more…)


Gay Asian Films February 26, 2008

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There’s this drama that I really want to watch. It’s called 孽子/Nie Zi/Crystal Boys and it was released in 2003. It’s based on a book by Kenneth Bai Xianyong who, thanks to this book and several others, is considered one of the most sophistocated and groundbreaking authors of his time. The book takes place in Taipei during the 1960s (the drama takes place in 1973). There was also a 1986 film based on the book called Outcast. The basic plot is a young man named Ah Qing is kicked out of his house after his affair with a male custodian at school was discovered. He winds up in “New Park” and meets a group of gay men. The story explores how they deal with the rest of society who basically shun them for their sexuality. (more…)


Leonardo DiCaprio in another Asian remake February 23, 2008

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We have been seeing many remakes of Asian films on the market lately. For example: The Grudge, The Eye, The Lake House, The Departed, etc. Warner Bros. is continuing Hollywood’s long streak of Asian remakes by releasing two live-action films based on the manga, Akira, with Leonardo DiCaprio as one of the producers. The first part is to be released next year. If you don’t know already, Akira was already made (flawlessly) into an animated film released in 1988. The old film differed from the original manga but it held the same main point. I guess this live-action film is going to stay true to the manga. Despite that, I have high expectations for it after seeing the 1988 film.

All I can think of is the 2006 film, The Departed. It was based of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, and DiCaprio was one of the stars. There are rumors of him starring in this new film. A lot of people object but I’m actually hoping for it. Although I don’t like remakes, I like DiCaprio’s acting. I even forgave the people who decided to remake Infernal Affairs because they casted DiCaprio.

We’ll see how this goes when it comes out in 2009.