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Donating to China Earthquake Relief May 15, 2008

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Someone already started a small donation box at school today. I never managed to run into him unfortunately. But my friend was very passionate about it and donated five whole dollars. I suggest that people either donate to their school’s fund, start their own if there is none, or just individually donate to the Red Cross. Forget the political and economic blahblahblah, worry about the kids who could be a better future for China. Where there is bad, there’s still good, so we can’t condemn the victims because of the bad people we hear about all the time.


http://www.ifgogo.com/ – This is a blog with charity information, but just as a fair warning, there are some pictures which are not visually graphic but pretty heavy on the heart. 


You can also go to the website of your country’s Red Cross and donate there. 


Then there is Jet Li’s The One Foundation.


No matter what charity you decide to donate to, I think people should make an effort before it’s too late. A few days may have passed since the earthquake, but we still have the chance to save lives.


Misconceptions of Buddhism May 12, 2008

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Since the recent earthquake in China, there were TONS of anti-China messages all over videos and stuff about the earthquake. First of all, it’s rude. Be mad at the government, go ahead. I’m not disagreeing with you. But innocent people are dying, and you’re just sitting back on your fat ass, laughing in satisfaction. That’s inhumane and disgusting to the least bit, and I can sure as hell compare that way of thinking to the corrupt Chinese that you just put down.

Some really ignorant people were stating that this is the wrath of Buddha and this is what China gets for not freeing Tibet. I have nothing against Free Tibet but I don’t feel educated enough to have an opinion as of now. But what they said just really didn’t make any sense to me in terms of religion. Only an ignorant fool would say something like that.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m Buddhist. I’m not exactly strongly Buddhist because with every religions, there are things that I disagree with but I do agree with Buddhist more than any other philosophy. So I do get kind off annoyed when people shoot their mouths about Buddhism as if there was one Buddha in the position of G-d who smites people when they do wrong things.

1. There is more than one Buddha. If you can find Nirvana (a state of mental enlightenment, freedom from all suffering, and the highest form of happiness), you are a Buddha.

2. A Buddha doesn’t feel wrath. Wrath is a destructive emotion that spawns from anger. I did read somewhere that “wrath” in Buddhism is more of a way that helps one through negative obstacles, but it’s, in no situation, a way of dealing with things violently.

3. A Buddha is not our version of G-d. Yes, I type G-d that way out of respect for my Christian, Catholic, Jewish, etc friends. In Buddhism, we believe that there is no central creator but rather, our thoughts are what create the world. I found this on Wikipedia:

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.

Dhammapada, 1-1.3

Think in our point of view for a moment. Assume that G-d and all else comes from our thoughts. G-d is our creator but if He is a manifestation of our thoughts, then our thoughts are actually the true creator. But it isn’t that we don’t believe that there aren’t any supernatural forces out there, we just don’t give it a specific form or address it in any way.

Now, I may not completely believe that G-d may exist but I still show my respect for Him because a person has the right to make their own decisions. I’m not only saying that because I’m an American but I’m also saying that because Buddhism teaches me to accept other people’s choices in their own journeys. And yes, I have tried finding myself in Christianity before by going to Bible club once a week but I just didn’t agree with it too much. So you know, even if you don’t agree with some things, you should stomp it into the dirt.

So Buddha isn’t G-d. Siddhārtha Gautama, a Buddha, is our teacher. He was born a man, was raised as a man, and died a man. So when we pray to him, we aren’t worshipping him. We’re asking him for guidance and thanking him for teaching us. I suppose he’s sort of like G-d, but we see him more as a man who’s reached a level of perfection that we must look to as our role model.

And no offense to people who are “praying to Buddha” that the earthquake victims are okay, he can’t exactly do anything. You have to help those people on your own. The journey of a Buddhist is an individual journey, the teachings of a Buddha can guide you, but you must take the path yourself. Basically, you can never rely on a higher being, you need to take initiative yourself.

4. Buddha doesn’t punish sinners. From what I know, G-d protects good people, forgives those who admit their sins and seek His guidance, and punishes evil. A Buddha doesn’t serve that purpose. We believe in karma, which is more of a “cause and effect” philosophy where all deeds come with consequences whether they are good or bad. I suppose if you’re nonreligious you would see this more as a version of the “just-world hypothesis.”

So next time you reference a religion you don’t understand or talk about Buddhism like that when you’re a Free Tibet supporter (Tibetans have a version of Buddhism), do your homework, stay in school, and don’t go shooting your mouth.


7.8 Earthquake Shakes China

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The earthquake start on May 12th in the afternoon (early morning for me). It is reportedly the biggest earthquake in 58 years to hit China. Sichuan was hit the hardest and the death toll is up to 9000. The earthquake was so severe that the people of Beijing could feel the tremors and civilians of Vietnam had to be evacuated out of their buildings as well.

Here’s a video during the earthquake:

I hope that these families can stay strong through this and that the lost souls can eventually find their ways and rest in peace.


Child Sex Offenders April 4, 2008

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Don’t let the title mislead you. When I say child sex offenders, I mean children accused of sexual harassment. What?!

I was watching Good Morning America today and they interviewed a small boy, age 5-7 (I forget), about his ordeal at school. He slapped another kid’s butt and was arrested. Apparently, he had seen the action somewhere and imitated it. His school declined an interview but they stated that the principal misunderstood the situation when he/she was informed and found it reasonable to call the police.

This isn’t the first time this kind of scenario has happened. It’s actually my first time hearing absurdity like this, so I can’t name any specific times it’s happened. But the news report mentioned that children from ages 4-12 have been arrested for sexual harassment. (more…)


Chaos in China March 29, 2008

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This is going to be a really messy entry but I was really intrigued by recent news.

As we know, Tibet has been trying to gain independence from China for a while, and they have been able to round up a bunch of supporters around the world as well. Now with the Beijing Olympics nearing, they took the chance to protest. (more…)


Leehom Carries the Olympic Torch March 25, 2008

Here’s a video of Leehom in Athens with the Olympic torch. I think his Grandma is present too and she talks a bit. He also tells you about the torch and, of course, his feelings. 

“Nobody touch my torch!”

There’s an English-language interview too, but I don’t feel like putting up. Look up his name on YouTube and check for the most recent videos. That’s all.

Yay Leehom!

Meanwhile, Han Geng and other fellow torch bearers do a little dance while they’re waiting for their chance with the torch.


Video credit: forevalurve92, Vattenboil @ YouTube


Leehom Wang is a Torch Bearer March 24, 2008

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With all the hype of Han Geng from Super Junior being torchbearer, nobody told me that Leehom Wang is a torch bearer too!!!!!!! When I heard the news, I proceeded to scream gleefully, and now I just feel really tingly inside.

Since being elected a torchbearer, Leehom took a trip to Athens where he took pictures with fellow torch bearer Liu Hongliang, environmental expert and son of Liu Changchun, China’s first athlete to take part in the Olympics. Leehom says, “We are fully prepared for the lighting ceremony and we put on our sports outfits and shoes. I cut my hair short and shaved my moustache. Light the passion, pass the dream from Olympia!”

Next to that, him and Jay Chou submitted songs for the committee to approve. To write their lyrics, Jay Chou had a contest but in the end, he went to lyricist, Vincent Fang. Leehom also felt it smarter to go to a professional lyricist and looked towards Albert Leung for help.

Congratulations Leehom!

For fun…check out this Olympic-esque Coca Cola ad featuring Leehom, Liu Xiang, and other Chinese athletes:

Sources: CCTV.com, Asianfanatics, http://onedayinmay.net
Picture credit: CCTV.com, Asianfanatics