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Neon Nail Polish Is In July 13, 2008

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Can you believe it? And I thought I was a loser for having neon pink nail polish. Now I’m glad that I was too lazy to throw it out ’cause it’s this summer’s new trend.

Why do I feel like this is gonna be a trend that we’ll all regret someday? But hey, you can’t go wrong with pink.


Help for oily acne-prone skin May 24, 2008

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I’m finding out all these beauty tricks right now. It’s lovely.


So recently, I went on this detox diet: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99202

I only managed to go 3 days because school was too stressful and I needed to eat. Somehow, my skin got clearer and less oily during the diet. I thought it was because of the increased amount of water I was drinking. So the day after I got off the diet, I drank more water. My skin was still oily. But you know, still drink lots of water. It’s good for you.


Then that night, I realized that I had lemon drinks that I made left over from the diet. I figured I should drink them so they wouldn’t go to waste. Then I went to bed. My skin gets really oily as I sleep, so I wind up waking up with this layer of oil on my face, it’s kind of gross. But the morning after I drank my lemon drink, it was FAR less oily, if not at all and my acne was clearing up a lot. So then I thought…it’s the lemons!!


Lemons are really powerful for skin. They lighten skin, freckles, scars, etc if you apply the juice to your skin. I’ve been using it to lighten my acne scars. (If you do the same, make sure to use an oil free SPF lotion because lemons are acidic and they will make your skin sensitive to sun. I use Purpose. You can get it at Rite Aid.) I never realized that they could fix my oily skin.


Here’s how I made the lemon drinks: 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1-2 tablespoons of dark amber syrup (from the organic section), 1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper, and 10oz of water (that is my approx. measurement for one glass). But keep note that that was for the detox diet. I think now I’ll just use lemon juice, 10oz of water, and syrup (for sweetening, I figured sugar wouldn’t do any good so I should stick to the syrup. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all. But use sugar if you want). I figure about a glass or two during the day and a glass or two during the night can keep my skin from getting oily.


Yea, lemons are a bit pricey now, but I’d rather help my skin this way because it’s more natural. Store bought products only work for a short period of time for me. I guess my skin adapts to drugstore creams too quickly. I have to get prescripted cream because it’s the only thing that’s strong enough that my skin won’t adapt to it.


But if you’re very acne-prone like me, go see your doctor. When I go for check ups, I consult my doctor about my acne and he gives me prescriptions for acne cream. So you should stick to using medicine that you get from a doctor or something. To me, the lemon juice is helping my cream, not the other way around. I think my cream is doing a lot of the work, and the lemon juice is just keeping the oils off my skin and making it easier for the cream to work.


Also, keep a scrub at hand. People seem to like St. Ives Apricot Scrub. You need it to clean the dirt off your face. You don’t want to risk getting the dirt stuck in your pores.


But you still should drink lots of water. I heard that people have oily skin because they don’t drink enough water. Your skin gets dry and your body produces oil to keep it from drying out. I mean, I don’t know if that’s true. But that’s what I heard. We all know that water’s good for you anyways.


Well, good luck to you all and your journeys towards perfect skin!


Reply to playmeagain and candychu May 21, 2008

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First of all, I want to thank candychu for all her comments on my blog. Lately, I’ve only had time to quickly type down whatever I was thinking and then go back to work, but candychu frequently comes back even though I haven’t taken time to visit her blog. So many thanks!


Second of all, thanks for the complements about my eyes. 🙂


Anyways, my last post was about using Vaseline, the multipurpose miracle cream, to easily give your eyelashes a long lasting and beautiful curl.


candychu asked: do you “heat” up your eyelash curler by blow-drying it before using, or what?

I did heat before I discovered the miracle of Vaseline because it’s a tad easier. Even if I did that, the curl was difficult to make and difficult to maintain. I suppose my curlers don’t fit my eye too well because I seemed to have so many probs with curling my lashes before. 

BUT with Vaseline, it’s actually a lot easier for me to curl my lashes. So now, I don’t heat my curler. It takes me a lot less time to curl my lashes with the Vaseline and it holds all day. Plus, the Vaseline give your lashes a nice glossy look. It’s pretty nice. Today, I just curl my lashes real fast to open up my eyes a bit and went out. No mascara. It’s been 12 hours, and my lashes are still pretty.

So even a quick application of Vaseline can perk up your “lazy eyelashes” candychu. Just remember to gradually move your curler when you curl. I don’t know if you know that already. Most people say that you should start at the roots and move out but I do the opposite – it seems to work for me. Just do what feels best for those lashes.


playmeagain said:

But yes, I LOVE VASELINE. Actually, I find it works the best for dry lips – much better than the more renowned “Burt’s Bees”. And it’s a GREAT makeup remover (not that I wear makeup that often. It’s such a hassle).

And haha, I’m totally guilty for not changing my mascara every three months, too – mainly because I use it so sparsely that I find it wasteful to keep replacing it. As a result, I use the same mascara for at least a year, which is TERRIBLE, but I could care less. XD


You know, I’ve always wanted to try Burt’s Bees because it’s so popular. It’s so pricey though, so I’ve never gotten the courage to buy it. I guess I won’t now that I know the power of Vaseline.

And yeah, that’s the same reason I don’t replace my mascara. I don’t wear makeup everyday. I only wear makeup when my eyes are tired, puffy, and in need of opening. It is more sanitary to replace your mascara though. I suppose, you might want to clean up your eyes before you apply mascara or any makeup. Maybe then it’ll be a little more cleaner. I mean, it’s not going to be wonderfully clean, but if you get dirt off your eyes, there won’t be much dirt going onto the mascara brush to build up later.


Well, I’m gonna sleep now. I have a super amount of work to do tomorrow. I’ll be back soon, I hope.


How to have pretty lashes May 20, 2008

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I was reading around about mascara ’cause I have this ongoing problem with keeping my lashes curled. I always curl my lashes and apply mascara. However, the mascara winds up weighing down my lashes and they go back to normal. So then I have to recurl them. That, of course, gets my curler messy and some of my lashes break off. It’s awful. And even if that works, the lashes will go down during the day. Plus, I always have to put on a thick coat of mascara for the lashes to look alright.


Well from my research, I found out that Vaseline is a true miracle worker for lashes. In fact, Vaseline has plenty of uses: fixing dry skin, using it as a eyeshadow base, cleaning makeup stains off of clothes, using it as lube for taking off rings or putting on earrings, and many more.


First, I took some Vaseline and put it on my lashes. Then I took my curler and curled them. It was very simple and my lashes came out even more wonderfully than if I curled them as they were. I didn’t put on mascara but instead, I left it alone all through school. About 7 hours passed and my lashes were exactly the same as when I first curled them. Then I wanted to see what would happen if I applied mascara. It was wonderful. My mascara’s pretty old. You’re actually supposed to replace mascara after 3 months but I didn’t, so my mascara clumps sometimes and weighs down my curl. But with the Vaseline on my lashes, the mascara went on smoothly and evenly, and my curl didn’t budge at all.


Here’s proof:

This is after I applied mascara 7 HOURS after applying Vaseline and curling. I did NO curling afterwards, my lashes were exactly the same as when I FIRST curled them.


I’m sure a lot of you makeup users have heard of this trick before. But for makeup noobs, like me, it’s a huge find. So I just had to write about it.


Ideal Asian Beauty March 31, 2008

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I literally just wrote my last entry about Asian beauty concerns. And I thought about different traits that Asians, generally, believe are ideal. Everybody has different ideas of true beauty because “eye of the beholder” blah blah blah. But I just want to name some general ones that could pull out the top of my head. (more…)


An Asian’s Concern for Beauty

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9.jpgI was just watching various clips from The Tyra Banks Show. Don’t ask why. I honestly hate that show because as much as I like Miss Tyra, I can’t stand the people that go on her show and I don’t really like her as a talk show host. Her guests consist of people who frequently use “like” as a filler word. They piss me off.

Anyways, In one clip, she talked to an Asian woman about her blepharoplasty/double eyelid surgery. And they started to argue about whether it was about the desire to look more Caucasian. My thought was, “I guess.(more…)


Reply to Chen Zi’s Makeup and Pain March 8, 2008

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I just read all the info Chen zi left about makeup. I’m quite surprised because she’s never used much makeup before, and I’ve seen her trying to use eyeliner pencil for the first time and it was quite amusing. I’m no expert at makeup either but I’ve learned a few things about makeup so maybe I could contribute. I also know a thing or two about auditions so it may help anybody who’s going to the JYP auditions like my friend Chen zi: (more…)