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The Olympics Closing Ceremony August 24, 2008

Filed under: Blog — misschiu @ 9:25 pm

I’m watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony and I was really excited to finally watch Leehom Wang on American television. It was only for a few seconds though, and even though I like Rain, for some reason I wasn’t happy that he was there. I can’t explain myself without sounding racist, which I’m not. And I was a tad disappointed that they weren’t introduced…not even as “Asia’s most prominent pop stars.” No. But whatever, I saw them, and I’m semi-satisfied.


Who is this Weiwei? The so-called most popular Chinese pop star? She was the only Chinese singer that was introduced. She looked like the lady in a crazy pink dress and I was kind of disappointed because it makes me feel that Americans will just think Chinese singers are insane since she was the only singer that got any decent screen time.


Well, hoorah…


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