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Stop Asking About Zuko’s Mom! July 21, 2008

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Avatar: The Last Airbender aired its finale episode on Saturday. And yes, I had a little shindig with my pal. We had spagetti and Rita’s waterice.


Well, at the end of the series, a lot of people had problems (as with everything). I’m not saying that I’m right but I always think what’s done is done. Anyways, here are some of the disappointments I heard after the series ended and the responses I have for them (warning: contains spoilers). Be aware that my responses are just my opinions:

1. What about Zuko’s mom? This seems to be the biggest question. Honestly, Ursa is not all that important of a character. I believe her main purpose is character development. So really, it’s not necessary for us to see her in the end. We just need to know that Zuko knows her whereabouts. We can assume that he knows when he visits his father in prison. Although, we never heard Ozai’s answer, we can assume that Zuko did and gained closure. And seriously, if you did hear Ozai’s answer, you’d want the animators to draw up a few more frames just so you can see them reunite. It’d be nice, but not necessary. It’s just better not to fill your head with too much new info right before the show ends.

2. Why does Iroh see spirits? I don’t know. Same reason why he can go to the Spirit World? Maybe he’s enlightened. It’s definitely not important, though. I think it shows his flexibility with the world and everything accepts him in return.

3. Did Azula really have to go insane? She was probably insane to begin with. She’s a perfectionist and yearns for attention from her parents. But you know, the world isn’t perfect and her dad’s a jackass. Therefore, she had to go insane. I read something interesting on Facebook. Azula’s hair sort of symbolizes her strength and when a hair is out of place, her strength deteriorates. She says earlier that she can’t have a hair out of place, but again, perfection is impossible.

4. What happened to Azula? She went to prison, duh! Where else would she go?

5. Will there be no more Air Nomads after Aang? How will the Avatar cycle continue? I assume Aang will have children some day. There’s a chance that his kids will be Air Nomads. I have a feeling that the Air Temples won’t be able to rebuild themselves though, unless Aang does it single-handedly. Future Air Nomads, if any, would probably assimilate with some other nation.

6. Are they making any more episodes? No. Surprising us by airing a new episode after telling us that Sozin’s Comet was the last is stupid. It’s probably a better marketing scheme to release something new on DVD. Apparently, there’s a spin-off in the making taking place in another era with brand new characters. I will watch, but it will definitely be bittersweet without the original characters. Oh, and M. Night Shyamalan is making three movies to cover the series. Of course, he’s gonna change it up a bit. The characters will be older by a bit, the story will be a tad different and it’ll fit his style. I honestly don’t like the idea of putting Western actors in an Eastern setting. I was actually hoping that he would introduce an Eastern cast to USA, but it seems that the only Asian guy considered for a role in the movie so far is for Aang.


I think most of these questions lead to the same conclusions. These men are trying to teach children valuable lessons. Life isn’t perfect, broaden your horizon, and don’t ask too many questions.


Oh, and a lot of people are asking for an epilogue and they even started a petition. Since I’m against it, I’m not giving you guys a link, but you guys can go search for it if you want. Why am I against it? Believe it or not, I’m satisfied with the ending. To me, here’s how it goes – their goal was to overthrow the Firelord and bring balance to the world. They achieved it, and I am just fine with it. They briefly answered our questions, not completely, but what can you gain from knowing so much? Things like Ursa’s whereabouts or Iroh’s spiritual abilities aren’t exactly major factors of the story. They’re just gonna spoil you silly by giving you so much info. And even I don’t wanna know that much new information at the end of the series. I just wanna know that all the major characters found closure and they met their goals. That’s really all that matters.

Seriously, if they give it an epilogue episode, I’ll be so disappointed. I’ll just have to condemn it with all the stupid children’s shows, simply because some information is left for us to think about. They don’t have to spoonfeed us through every nook and cranny, really.


Yeah, I’m an Avatar nerd.


2 Responses to “Stop Asking About Zuko’s Mom!”

  1. candychu Says:

    Avatar is the little kid with an arrow on his head right?
    If so, this is the show my friends are obsessed with O_O
    But because it’s shown on our ABC channel, it didn’t really appeal to me since it’s on at a time when little kiddies come home from school and target them XD

  2. I have to say something about what you typed at the end of your paragraph Hong Dou. You said that you just wanted to know that all the characters found closure and they met their goals but that was only half true. Zuko did meet his goals to help Aang end the war but he did not find closure he still doesn’t have his mother with him. All thoe in the end of the series it shows Zuko asking Fire Lord Ozai where his mother is but it doesnt show when Fire Lord Ozai answers him. But thats why I think there going to continue the season because usually when they leave cliff hangers like that it meens there going to continue it to show what happens next thats what my opinion is.

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