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Music Recommendation: Lam Truong June 7, 2008

Vietnamese/Cantonese pop aren’t really my styles but I found this song that was really great:


“Kiep Ve Sau 3” by Lam Truong


The singer is Tieu Lam Truong (just known as “Lam Truong” or “Anh Hai”), and the Cantonese part is his voice too…that is AWESOME. He was born in 1974 and he is married to a woman from Texas (sorry ladies). His family origins are in Jiujau, China. He has a really awesome voice that I’d like to hear more of. I’m a pretty new listener to him so I don’t really know anything else about him.


However, I do know that he was present for the Asia Festival of 2007 in Korea. He sang on the same stage as bigs names like Lee Hyori, Golf&Mike, Super Junior, Gigi Leung, A-mei, Vanness Wu, and SG Wannabe. So he must be great to listen to if he’s made it to a stage like that.


Well I believe my time will be limited for while. I hope I can write more in the future. In the meantime, try out some of Lam Truong’s music. Happy listening!


Video Credit: ndhieu4221986 @ YouTube


Reply to candychu June 4, 2008

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In my last post about Oscar Siu, candychu commented:


Actually, Oscar used to be part of a Duo called Bliss. I can’t rmbr the other guy’s name but I remember they both wrote some of their songs + lyrics. I felt sorry for the other dude when Oscar came out as a solo artist coz he just kinda disappeared XDD

I’m not rly updated with Cpop these days – only with the artists I’ve fangirled since forever (e.g Janice, Justin, Kenny, etc). Namely because it annoyed me that people can become singers if they look good? And what is up with those female bands? Like Hotcha and Freeze? Ugh. So I stopped caring about them hahaha.


Hmm, so I thought it’d be interesting to ask my friend more info on Oscar.  He told me that the members of Bliss had a mutual separation because they had different ideas and wanted to pursue them.  Despite that, neither of them are very famous today. But yeah, Oscar is actually pretty good at music.


And yeah, I’m really not that into Cantonese pop mainly because the new generation is a joke.  I only like the old generation of singers and actors like Beyond, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Faye Wong, Anita Mui, etc.  These days, it’s way too easy for talentless people to get into the industry.


Anyways, I’ve been massively busy lately. I think I may go on a short hiatus. See you guys later!